Happy New Year

6 Jan

It’s 2014, and among my many resolutions I am hoping to update my blog a bit more so my very diverse readership (read: no more than 5 people) have somewhere to click during their times of boredom. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think I’m terribly interesting, but sometimes you just need some new blogs to read! Me to the rescue!

This year marks my thirty-third year of life, which I still struggle to believe (I still feel like I’m 20), but I am so grateful for my happy marriage, and my two wonderful kidlets, one of whom is turning 7 in a few weeks, and my “baby” will be 4.5 which I also cannot believe. My grandparents always tell me that once you get older the time just flies by, and I have to say that they are right on that one. I can’t imagine what it must be like for them when they reflect on all their years, memories and experiences. The older I get, the more I am trying to focus on what’s important; family, good friends, and good memories. So far, I think I’m succeeding, as I always seem to be surrounded by great people. Picking the right people to be around is also a function of age, I think. I am definitely at the best point in my life yet as far as I’m concerned, so I think it will just get better and better! Anyway, enough about that, let’s get onto plans for the New Year! Woo! Ambition at it’s best!

Things I’d like to accomplish this year:

1) Continue with and improve fitness goals.
This past year I got back into running after many years, and found that I actually like fitness and exercise! I completed a 10k race in August, and am hoping to complete a half-marathon by August 2014! This means I’ll be training all year, and having a goal in mind makes that much easier. I also plan to be well-rounded in my workouts, with weight training and some other types of cardio. I would like to say I have a weight loss goal, but I think that will all work itself out in the training 🙂

2) Complete some mini-projects around the house.
If you know me, you know I like a good home renovation project. I always have to move something or change something or paint something, and I have a few cool ideas in mind for refreshing a few spaces in our houses, and just rearranging some others. The projects include the master bedroom, master bathroom, and basement rec room. I plan to post photos on here of all the projects we’ve done to date, and keep you updated on new ones (like I just mentioned!)

3) Spend more time outdoors.
Well, when the weather gets better that is! We are planning a purchase of an RV this year and we are going to jump into the outdoor lifestyle feet first! We want our kids to have the same summer outdoor experiences we did as kids; road trips, camping, adventures, and we can think of no better way to connect with all of our friends who are already out doing this every summer! Here come the Coles, folks!

4) Spend more time remembering what matters.
We plan to spend countless family hours making meaningful memories. We are very fortunate to be able to have a fairly flexible schedule, and a few “hooky” days never hurt anyone, especially in the name of fun and family!

5) Worry less. Because there’s no point.

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2014. For now, I’m off to collect my kiddo from school.


Worst. Blogger. Ever.

18 Jan

I don’t know why I keep this, but today it’s proven SUPER useful. I am putting together a photobook for my in-laws for Christmas (yes, I am aware it’s the middle of January) and I realized I have lost the photos of Kingston’s third birthday! Lo and behold, there are copies of a few of them ON HERE! Blogger WIN!!

Now, can someone send me some of that free stuff everyone else gets? I promise I’ll review it!

Ha! Just kidding! No one is even reading this!! 🙂


Go Slowly

25 Aug

August 24, August 24, please summer; don’t ever end.

My Baby is Three – Take Two

7 Aug

I just wrote a big long wonderful post, and deleted it by accident. GARJKFJSDIOWREJOJFK!!!
This, however, will not stop me from writing again, all about my sweet Kingston boy and how he just turned three yesterday!
I remember when he was born, and aside from all the melty gooey lovey newborn goodness, I was thinking to myself how I was now at least 3 years away from the end of teething, the end of potty training, the end of the terrible twos, and that sleep should be a part of my life again.
Well, readers. I must gloat. I HAVE ARRIVED! Oh man, all the deliciousness of sleep, and wiping bums and brushing all of those pearly white teeth. I am there. It is wonderful.
Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE babies. Their cute pudge, and that sweet smell, but having children that can communicate with you, and that validate all the hard work you’ve put into them is a wonderful thing.
I’ve been lucky enough to be at home with my kids since Carys was born 5.5 years ago, and I would not trade it in for anything. But yes, my children are growing up so fast (even though they’re still so young) and I can’t believe how fast the time is zipping by, and how much i LOVE them!

Back to Kingston’s party; he had a wonderful day, with some quickly whipped up dinosaur cupcakes, and friends and family. No better way to celebrate!

Until next time!

Cold? It’s Edmonton!

17 Jan

Brr. Frosty morning, but it’s alright. We’re alive! We’re healthy!

Carys was *dying* to be taken to school in the sled this morning, so I pulled her and Kingston and it was quite nice (except for those darn people who shovel their sidewalk so well!!) but we did arrive a bit late. Normally Carys begs me to let her get to school late because then she and a friend get to go to the office and grab a late slip. This is not supposed to be fun! It took me FOREVER to get both of them bundled up and then out the door.

We’re also knee-deep in renos, which I am super excited about. Our main floor is pretty much ripped up but I’m looking so forward to the end result that it doesn’t even bother me that much! We have a nice little kitchen area set up in the basement, and the kids are more than happy to be inside and downstairs where all the toys and goodies are while it’s so cold outside. How can i even complain? These are not “problems.”

Anyway, wishing you all a great day. Stay warm.



5 Sep

Holy Mackerel! September. September. Sounds close to December if you ask me. Yay but Ugh.
We had a pretty good summer, despite the mosquitoes and lack of summer-like weather. Not too much to report other than Birthdays (Kingston turned 2 in August!) and visits (With Winnipeg Grandparents and Uncle Brad and Libby) and just hanging around enjoying the weather. Now we are in September, and man does it feel like it! The nights and mornings are chilly and crisp, and the sun sets just a little too soon for my liking. Dark at 9!? Soon it will be dark at 5. Okay, okay, calm down.

The big news is that Miss Carys starts Kindergarten this week! I’m so glad I got to hog her for another week before she sets out on the journey of school. She starts on Friday, but has a short 1/2 hour visit on Wednesday. She is going to be in French Immersion and I hope she’s going to love it! I made a point of visiting the teacher before school ended last year, but I guess they have a new Kindergarten teacher this year! She called here to make sure we had our dates all lined up and she seemed very nice and enthusiastic. I’m pretty excited and so is Carys!

Kingston is also excited for all of our upcoming coffee dates 🙂

Happy Fall!

Summer? Where did you go?

13 Jul

I know I know, it could be worse, blah blah blah. All these days of rain and mosquitoes have had their upside though; mostly in the fact that the kids and I have been really busy just getting back to basics. We’ve been playing, colouring, drawing, baking, reading, and of course *gasp* watching TV. I’ve been cleaning and organizing, and we’ve also been having hardwood put upstairs in the kids’ bedrooms, which means we’ve all been sleeping together as well. It’s been kind of nice actually, all being in the same room. I am looking forward to them getting back into their own space, but nothing wrong with a little snuggle at night. It’s a good, safe feeling.

Now onto the serious complaining; the weather! The mosquitoes! Gah! Can’t even set foot out there without being devoured whole! I can take the rain, makes me happy to see everything so green, and I haven’t had to water my plants, but come on!! Those little effers are eating us alive!

I don’t know, I guess we just really have to look at the positives of what we do have. Clean water? Check. Roof over our heads? Check. Healthy family? Check. I’d call that a WIN. I know, it’s a bit obvious, but it doesn’t ever hurt to take a step back from time to time and really look at it in that light. I’ve never been more grounded in this reality then since I’ve had my kids. Don’t get me wrong; I often long for those days where I wasn’t always worried about some darn thing, and when I was blatantly oblivious and ignorant to all the horrible things that I think about almost constantly. I know it isn’t worth it to worry, but it’s hard not to when I stand to lose so much if something were to happen. I think it’s just a Mother’s curse really, because from all the Mommy discussions I’ve had with my peers, I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. ANYWAY, must.not.dwell.and.must.move.forward.

Come on out, sun. Fry those little effing biters so my kids can play!


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